1. Real-time Foreign Exchange Currency Quotes

Access your trading data on your desktop browser or mobile device in real-time. You can assemble your own personalized dashboard to track currency pairs. Adjust data refresh rate between 10 and 100 messages/sec.

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2. Real-Time Interactions with Physical Objects Over the Web

Control a truck remotely using your smartphone from continents away. The real time connectivity is established using Raspberry Pi, a credit card sized computer. All you need is a mobile Web browser.

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3. Drive a Formula One Race Car with a Smart Phone

Control a WebGL Formula One car on your desktop from the Web browser of your smart phone by simply tilting it. No browser extension or application installation needed. Works over any network, such as WiFi, 4G, or LTE.

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4. Second Screen Solution Synchronizes Your Smartphone and TV

Experience live events synchronized on a primary screen (TV) and a second screen (smartphone). As the events unfold on the big screen, questions and betting opportunities are displayed on the big screen.

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  • Telemetry


    Features Real-time streaming of telemetry data Communication over geo-stationary satellite Message p...
  • Lightning Fast Portfolio App

    Lightning Fast Portfolio App

    This browser-based application renders your imaginary stock portfolio. The stock quotes are changing...
  • Light Table

    Light Table

    A collaborative demo allowing multiple users to lay out photos on the screen real-time. Users can mo...
  • Connected Car Navigation

    Connected Car Navigation

    Inspired by one of our favorite apps, Waze’s drive sharing, we wanted to create a real-time location...
  • A Parallel Universe Without a Mailman

    A Parallel Universe Without a Mailman

    This 5 min video walks you through the challenges a parallel universe of ours is facing where they d...
  • Building a Peer-to-Peer App

    Building a Peer-to-Peer App

    This tutorial series walks you through the simple steps of building an HTML5 WebSocket app, demonstr...
  • Killer JavaFX App

    Killer JavaFX App

    This application showcases that you can easily build high speed real-time Web applications using Jav...
  • Interacting with Physical Objects

    Interacting with Physical Objects

    Inspired by the Racer Demo, this demo showcases how physical objects, like the Raspberry Pi can be i...
  • Auditing with Node.js and MongoDB

    Auditing with Node.js and MongoDB

    In this example we take a look at how real-time Web communications can be happily married with a non...
  • Live Data Feed

    Live Data Feed

    The live feed demo showcases a wide variety of live data feeds. A market ticker shows stock market a...
  • ZingPong – Multi-User Pong Game

    ZingPong – Multi-User Pong Game

    ZingPong is a multi-player HTML5 pong application. After starting the game on a big screen display, ...
  • Bouncy Ball

    Bouncy Ball

    In this demo a ball is bouncing on your screen. When you open another browser with another ball boun...
  • Frogger Game

    Frogger Game

    This is an HTML5 port of the famous Frogger demo. You have to cross a busy street without being hit....
  • Racer Game

    Racer Game

    There are some solutions out there that turn your smartphone into a Wii-style controller, but many ...
  • Retail Demo

    Retail Demo

    The Retail Demo allows shoppers to establish a constant, bi-directional full-duplex communication li...
  • PreZing – Collaborative Presentations

    PreZing – Collaborative Presentations

    Prezing is an engaging, collaborative real-time presentation tool. Inspired by Prezi, Prezing allows...
  • AirZing – Mobile Notifications

    AirZing – Mobile Notifications

    A real-time notification application allowing airlines to stay in touch with their passengers. Trave...
  • Port Security Authority Solution

    Port Security Authority Solution

    This app allows a port security agent viewing the status of the ships entering the harbor. The agent...
  • Instant Film Feedback

    Instant Film Feedback

    Film Festivals around the world love to get instant feedback on the movies that are showcased. Insta...
  • Second Screen App

    Second Screen App

    The Second Screen Solution provides a synchronized viewing experience between a primary screen (TV) ...
  • Foreign Exchange Dashboard

    Foreign Exchange Dashboard

    This web application displays on your desktop browser or mobile device real-time foreign exchange cu...
  • Microsoft Excel Integration Demo

    Microsoft Excel Integration Demo

    This demo showcases integration between Kaazing Gateway and Microsoft Excel. In this example, stock ...